We Fight For Community, We Fight For People, We Fight For The World

We Recognize That There Are Areas In Need

We know that there are locations in the world where people are struggling. Whether from injustice, poverty, job market or any other. In addition not only people, but also the world as a whole; we don’t turn a blind eye, and instead make it our mission to aid a helping hand for our community, our people, and our world.

We regularly play an active part in changing the world as well as give back to organizations whose aim is to make a difference

Direct Marketing Team

As we said we strive to help others. Bringing this into reality, we offer job placement to those for whatever reason possible are unable to find a job: current job market, life struggles, etc. Everyone deserves away out from their current situation, thus we devised a specific direct marketing team. Made for people in this situation, this team aids our account executives and brand managers in their day to day tasks as well as in execution of their direct marketing campaigns.

Our Start

This is where we started from. We were  founded on the basis that everyone deserves an opportunity

Due to the realization of – a friend of Scyterra graduating from school with a masters in communications, and interning at the United Nations after graduating. After her internship was completed, finding a job was not the easiest. As an effect, moving back to her home state was the best option. Scyterra was founded on the basis that we need a way to make sure people are not in the same situation, and by extension offering them a job.